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What happens now?

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This email explains exactly what happens next, step by step.
(We handle everything - you always get final approval).

  • Pre-production and asset gathering   (Starts Immediately)
  • We can get most everything we need ourselves from the app itself.
  • Script development   (Delivered in around 48 hours)
  • Our team writes the first draft for you to review & critique.
    We'll work back and forth until the script is perfect.
  • Final sign off of accepted script by you
  • You decide when the script is finished and locked in.
  • Professional voice over recording
  • Professional, high quality audio narration is recorded.
  • Animation and editing to complete first draft
  • First draft of your completed video is edited.
  • Explainer Video presented to you to examine and critique
  • You review and suggest any edits to make your video perfect.
  • Any additional editing if requested based on your feedback
  • Unlimited revisions allows any additional edits at no cost.
  • Final sign off accepting video as finished
  • You give final approval that the video is complete.
  • Final video delivered digitally via email
  • After final signoff, the full resolution video is sent via email to download
  • Your dedicated Project Manager will keep you up to date every step of the way with timing and current progress. We're also just a call or email away to help with anything along the way.