Frequently Asked Questions

Find a list below of commonly asked questions & answers. Please use the chat option in the corner or reach out by phone or email with any more questions.

Our entire process moves quickly! Your finished App Explainer Video can be live in only 2 to 3 weeks from payment to delivery.

Timing fluctuates mainly based on your responsiveness in reviewing and signing off along the way.

All the components & services used to create your ProAppVideo are included in one flat rate:

• Dedicated Project Mangager
• Pre-Production Planning
• Script Development
• Professional Voice-over
• Licenced Background Music
• Graphic Design / On-Screen Compositing
• Custom Keyframe Animation Editing
Unlimited Revisions
100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We've never had an unhappy customer - read their words.

You can find even more detail and even order your ProAppVideo right from our Order Page

A payment confirmation email will be waiting in your inbox. You'll also get an email from your dedicated project manager explaining exactly what happens next, step by step for the entire process.

Pre-production and asset gathering starts immediately on our end. Our script team will get started writing a first draft of the script for you to review (usually within about 48 hours). You'll then be able to suggest edits, and ultimately approve the script before we move on to the animation stage.

You'll be kept up to date every step of the way with timing and current progress. We're also just a call or email away to help with anything along the way.

Video is the undisputed King of marketing. Effective Video is the best way to reach any audience

Show off your app, Reach more people, educate and set user expectations, build interest faster, and grow daily active users.

Most importantly - an effective App Explainer Video can promote, show off and educate new users better than you could do yourself. This tool can reach anyone, anywhere, simultaneously with its concise, intentional message using the most effective format for enguagement (video).

Whether you’re interested primarily in a powerful marketing tool or to educate users about features and app flow – effective App Explainer Videos are the smartest investment to help meet and exceed your app goals.

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Yes! At ProAppVideo, we make App Explainer Videos for every any type of app, wherever it may live.

Here is a YouTube playlist of several Web App Explainer Videos we've created.

Every video we make is touched my multiple different professionals, all orchestrated in-house to keep focus on the most professional, effective end product to effectively promote & market your app.

We've created a very smooth system that has allowed us to offer the level of service and high quality product at an extremely fair price. There isn't anyone else quite like us but we always encourage getting a quote for a similar level of service & product to fully understand the value of what we offer.

Because our flat fee cost (including unlimited revisions & a 100% satisfaction guarantee ) is priced to be as affordable as possible, we don't provide any additional discounts.

Like most businesses in this post covid world, ProAppVideo is thriving as a completely remote company. Our team is based in the United States and mostly reside in California and Ohio.

ProAppVideo was co-founded in 2015 by a creative designer (dreamer) and an accountant (attention to detail).

After creating Explainer Videos for their own apps and seeing the need for what is now ProAppVideo, they created the service and effective end product used by hundreds of app creators all over the world.

Since then, the team has expanded & changed to adapt with the core mission to provide a professional service and effective end product at an unbeatable price.

All ProAppVideo's average up to 60 seconds in length for a very specific reason.

You aren't wrong for thinking you may need a longer video but after creating hundreds of App Explainer Videos, a lot of interesting data became clear. The more powerful takeaway was that 60 seconds is the max sweet spot for viewers attention. Using a proven writing formula to introduce the app, give a product walk though of core features, recap and create a call to action - a one minute window provides the perfect balance to reach the most people clearly and effectively.

Our half instructional, half commercial approach creates engagement for many reasons, including keeping the important details front and center while remaing direct and concise. Every word is chosen very intentionally and our script team is always focused on finding multiple ways to make the point with more emphasis and fewer words.

Common Misconception: The longer the video the more expensive the cost to produce

This could be somewhat true based on the amount of editing work in longer videos. But the truth is finding the most consise way to get your point across while simultaionoulsy providing clear visual flow provides a better experience for the viewer. This approach is where the skill comes in. Consider the opposite - it would be easy to let the clock run, let visuals strech out, become stale and drag on the voice over by getting the same points across but talking in circles or being long winded, wasting the viewers time (who looses focus based on slowness of content or because the video is too long.

Length does factor in cost for long form videos. In the case of a short explainer video - shorter is genuinely better (and takes more talent = higher value) for many reasons.

The purpose of your App Explainer Video is not to be an indepth instruction manual for every use case. It's also not just intended to be eye candy although that is an important component to give credibility to quailty of the app. For these reasons, introducting an app and highlighting core features no matter the app complexity, should always fit nicely into that perfect 60 second timeframe.

Yes, ofcourse we can edit to run over a bit. But as a rule, in our effort for the most effective video tool - An App Explainer Video from ProAppVideo will always be about a minute long.

First, if you find a better fit for your current needs - you should jump on it! At ProAppVideo, we genuinely want you to be as excited about finding us as we are about making you the most powerful marketing tool for your app.

Keep in mind, the goal isn't to just get a video made to cross it off your list - it's to create a marketing tool that makes you and your app look professional while promoting and explaining your app in the most widely favored format (video) in a clear, concise, convincing way. Your App Explainer Video should be better at explaining your app than you can!

Our Approach: Show your app in Action! This is the only way to set user expectations and actually show off your app. Every ProAppVideo focuses heavily on the perfect audio narration coupled with a rich visual product walkthrough of your actual app.

Others: While these other styles of video could work generally for other purposes, Whiteboard videos or stock video clips don’t introduce your app very effectively. Watching a black line drawing turn into a smiley face doesn't showcase you as the expert. Not seeing your app move around on screen is simply a missed opportunity! Cheaper, possibly - yes. Effective, Shows you're professional, helpful, engaging, informative, sets expectations, retains daily active users, increases downloads based on clear understanding of core features? - not so much.

Our Approach: Every detail in focus and interconnected. Any amount you pay for a video that isn’t effective is too much! Like links in a chain, we’ve built a strong process to connect each step of the video build in house to keep “effectiveness” at the forefront.

Others: Using fiverr or other outsoucring to piece together your music, graphics, voice over, editing, adjustments etc. creates a fragmented result. Yes, you will technically have a video in the end but will it keep viewers engaged and motivated to take action. It doesn't stop there it could also hurt your brand and create a loss of credibility and make your operation look amateur. In this case it would be better to not have a video at all.

Our Approach: ProAppVideo was created by app developers. We understand your needs and the best process to deliver. We’re so confident, we offer unlimited revisions and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No hidden charges - straight forward, upfront from the start. We want the same thing - A perfect video marketing tool for your app.

Videos and service like ours regularly sell to customers that understand the value for $5,000 up to $10,000. Over the years, we've focused on optimization and effeciency to add value by deleivering an exceptional video product at an almost questionable cost. This is why we are unapologetic and proud of our insane pricing.

Others: Remember, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Companies promoting prices for a couple hundred dollars are not providing an effective, professional product period. Make sure to ask lots of questions to find the hidden fees or misleading information. Make sure to watch samples of their work! (we'd love you to compare against ours)

To sum it all up - You will find lower prices (with less attention to detail and a missing opportunity to promote your brand most effectively). When you compare us against any company providing an effective Explainer Video - You will not find a better service & product at our price!

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Since 2015, our focus has been to provide a professional service for the highest quality product at an unbeatable price. we've literally never had an unhappy customer. (References)

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