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ProAppVideo has been a valued partner and has helped us tremendously in creating amazing explainer videos that are clear and get users engaged. ProAppVideo has the unique ability to put your story and app in a very concise format that presents the best face of your company.
Andrew Kim,  Haulhound
I was very surprised at how reasonable the price was for the level of their services. I was thrilled by the quality of their work. Not only did they create exactly what I wanted, but also tremendously improved it with their own ideas. You simply can't go wrong with these guys!
Yuriy Oliynyk,  Big and Strong
The ProAppVideo team was an absolute breeze to work with. Originally, I had concerns of working with a team remotely. After seeing the first cut of the script, I felt confident about my decision. Now, we have a fantastic video helping to showcase what the TrailHUB app can do. Thanks ProAppVideo!!
Shannon King,  TrailHUB
Terrific team – brilliant results. ProAppVideo delivered on all their promises – on schedule and on budget. Highly recommend their service to any business. Passionate professionals!
Karl Llewellyn,  Sanctifly
ProAppVideo has a wonderful service. I really enjoy working with them - unmatched quality and they’re always on time!
Mustafa Alhashemi,  InNav
Our company was very impressed and satisfied with ProAppVideo's quality of service. We will definitely continue to use ProAppVideo for all our future video needs.
Dennis Barnes,  Footloose
It was a pleasure working with ProAppVideo! They were always highly responsive, professional and willing to make additional changes to suit our needs.
Will Cape,  MIKU
We are thrilled with the video that ProAppVideo created for us. Their team was accommodating, creative, and efficient. They took their time to understand what we wanted and it came across clearly on screen. Thank you ProAppVideo!
Lindsay Preston,  FlipSnap
ProAppVideo exceeded my expectations for our video! The whole process was smooth and fast. Real professionals, I will work with them next time as well.
Esa Mäkinen,  SalesFollow
It was a pleasure working with the ProAppVideo team to explain to our customers and caregivers how to use the BookJane app. You've made things so easy where your team did all the work, on time and within budget. We're extremely proud to promote this to our clients. We've been receiving rave reviews on the two videos ProAppVideo created for BookJane. We look forward to continue this partnership developing more BookJane videos.
Curtis Khan,  BookJane
ProAppVideo was great to work with to produce a great explainer video in short order. We are pleased with both videos, and will look to do more in the future. After a quick call the team at ProAppVideo developed a script, used the assets we provided then produced a great video that we will get a lot of use from.
Greg Tepas,  CarAdvise
The ProAppVideo team provided professional advice on the most effective points to include in the video, which was great for me. As the business owner, you want to get as much detail as possible in short video, and the ProAppVideo team did a great job of selecting the most important points. I’m very happy with the outcome and I would recommend ProappVideo to my friends. They are fun to work with.
Reza Khamsi,  OOstaJob
Choosing ProAppVideo has been one of the best decisions we have made. An incredible product for a very reasonable price and in such a quick time. They had great intuition about what we were trying to say in the video and so easy to work with along the way. Can't recommend them enough!
Joahn Fauchier,  SqeezN
As the owner of GAircraft, Inc., it has been my pleasure to work with ProAppVideo. The production process is seamless from start to finish. We know that our GAircraft Aircraft Search App will stand apart with this high quality video from ProAppVideo.
Grant Desmarais,  GAircraft
Everyone at our company loves the video! Our designers and developers think it is a wonderful addition to our website! Great experience working with ProAppVideo! Fabulous company made up of very talented people! I can't wait to create new apps and features so ProAppVideo can make us more videos!
Kimberly Rogers,  Piccoli Horses
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