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Unlimited revisions are included for free at ProAppVideo. This means you can take your time to make sure your video is just right. We won't rush you and more importantly, won't charge extra for any additional editing time. This gives you peace of mind that you won't be stuck with something that isn't as good as it could be or forced to pay more out of pocket than you were willing.

As far as we know, ProAppVideo is the only high-end app video production company that offers unlimited revisions.

More than anything else, this should mean two things:

1: With ProAppVideo, you can be 100% confident that you will get exactly what you want without paying extra fees for more time to make revisions.

2: We are confident in our ability to understand your app and your needs.

Our Unlimited Revisions Policy works like this:

Because of the nature of the process, your unlimited revisions are broken down into two parts.

Part One - The Script:

You have the ability to make as many revisions as necessary to the script we provide. We will revise for as long as it takes. Once it's perfect and you sign off, there can be no more revisions to the script. This is because next we will professionally record the script. If we go back later to add, change, or remove parts, the audio quality and flow will distract from the message itself. Not to mention the script is the back bone for the animation editing to take place so it needs to stay consistent.

Part Two - The Animation (the visual edits):

Once you close the unlimited revisions for part one, the script, you now have access to unlimited revisions to the visuals and animations. Once your preview is ready, you'll be sent a link to watch what we think is the most effective App Explainer Video for your app. If you think there are images, or colors that would be better suited or you aren't happy with the way a screen looks or moves around - we will work with you to make every on screen change until the video is perfect for you.

To Recap:

Once you've made unlimited revisions and signed off on the first part (the script), then you are able to make unlimited revisions to the second part (but no longer able to make more revisions to part one).

If you're considering an App Explainer Video, I challenge you to find a professional company out there offering unlimited revisions at one flat price.

We are proud of what we can accomplish together and offer unlimited revisions to give peace of mind and confidence in our ability to overdeliver.

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