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First, let us introduce ourselves:
ProAppVideo has been in business since 2014. In that time - we've worked hard and become recognized as the leader in the very specific niche - creating custom, effective App Explainer Videos.

Each video we produce is of the highest quality you'll find anywhere on the internet. Every app is different so each client gets focused attention all the way through our full service process including:

Script Writing
Voice-Over Recording
Licensed Background Music
Graphic Design
Video Animation Editing
• Unlimited Revisions (learn more)

Our flat fee price quote encompasses every component required to complete an effective App Explainer Video that increases app installs, educates users and helps promote your app faster than any other medium available (video is king!).

Our expertise allows us to take complete control over creating the best video for your app. We are also able to use our knowledge to guide you through each decision to be hands on as much or as little as you'd like.

With one flat price agreed upon up front - you can be confident that with your included unlimited revisions, you'll get exactly what you are expecting (in the words of many of our customers - you'll likely get way more than expected) without being nickel and dimed for extras or charged to cover more hours of work.

We are so confident in our hassle-free process and our best in class videos that we offer all this with a money back guarantee!

Just a quick recap so far:

You won't find better quality videos (see samples)
You won't find more competitive rates for the quality
Everything is included in one flat price
The entire process is completely hassle-free (you're going to love our team)
You get unlimited editing revisions until you're thrilled with your new video
There is no risk to get started with our Money Back Guarantee

Because each app is unique, we provide custom price quotes for each client. Like most things in this world, it's completely free to get in touch for more information and to get a quote for your new App Explainer Video.

Our process breaks down like this:

Once you talk with our team and decide to have your App Explainer Video created with ProAppVideo, we'll send you an invoice for a deposit (fully refundable with our money back guarantee). You don't pay in full until after you sign off on your final video.

After we receive your deposit, our script writing team goes right to work looking over your app, specific requirements and insight you've provided.

With proven guidelines for what keeps viewers engaged and tells a complete story, we'll write the backbone of the video - the script. We'll send it to you after just a couple days to review. You'll be able to ask any questions, provide feedback, suggest edits and ask for revisions. This process will continue as long as it takes until you are confident we've said everything perfectly.

Once the script is locked in and you sign off that you don't need any more revisions, we build on the next step - voice-over recording. Once this starts we will have already collected any assets you may have for the video and you won't really need to get involved until we are ready to show you a preview of your new video. Of course, for anyone who likes to stay connected, you can check in all along the way if our progress updates aren't frequent enough already.

Also worth noting, this is where the Money Back Guarantee transfers to the Satisfaction Guarantee. You have the ability to change your mind at any time for any reason and get every penny you paid in your deposit back before you sign off on the final script. After you lock in your script, we won't offer your money back but included in your unlimited revisions is the promise of your satisfaction guaranteed.

After one of our talented voice-over artists records the script, the project is turned over to the editors. Here appropriate background music is put in place and each frame is animated to show off your app in ways nothing else could.

Editing is where the majority of your wait comes from. Our App Explainer Videos take on average between 4 to 6 weeks to complete (rush options are usually available). This is because there are 29.97 frames of video for every second shown on screen. So a 60 second animated video has 1,798 frames that have to be accounted for!

When we believe your video is perfect we'll get in touch and provide you with a link to preview. Seeing your app as the star of it's own movie is very exciting. Many of our customers think their video is perfect while some others catch things they would prefer be a little different.

It's important to note: our editing quality has never been called into question during the editing revision stage (knock on wood). These edits are simply the understandable disconnect that can occasionally occur with an outside company defining your app one knows it exactly the way you do.

We can talk over any questions or suggestions you have and make animation edits until it's perfect in your eyes. This could take hours or days going back and forth and providing new previews - all of which is included in your flat fee price quote. (It's important to note that although you also get unlimited revisions to the script - once you sign off saying it's perfect, it is the one thing that cannot be revised during the animation revisions phase. The audio is already recorded and won't match perfectly with re-recorded parts and the flow of the video is based on that recording which could get clunky).

Now your video is perfect. You signed off saying you don't have any more changes and are ready for delivery. At this point we'll send you over an invoice for the remainder due. Easily make payment online and after we receive the payment notification, you'll receive a link to your finished video and a link to download the video file.

Although our work will be officially done and we make no claims to guarantee we will have access to your project in the future - each project is carefully archived so we can be available in the future if you ever want to hire us again to make updates if your app evolves.

Thats it!

We would love the opportunity to answer any questions you have and the opportunity to earn your business.
If you're interested in getting some more information, including a no obligation quote, you can call us directly at: (619) 320-5507
If you're not big on phone calls, we can chat through email:
Lastly, if you're still on the fence and want to get to know us a little more, take a peek at what our past customers have to say about their experience.