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At ProAppVideo, we think a little differently about what we actually offer as a company. The App Explainer Video itself gets all the credit but the process and customer experience is equally important and allows for a higher quality end product and a more enjoyable, hassle-free customer experience.

With the understanding that we are responsible for not only the high quality video, but also to the creation process (the experience) - we've created and perfected our full service plan included with every video we make.

(Remember: This doesn't mean that you can't be involved with every decision if you wish - just that you don't have to actively manage every step of the process.)

Here is a breakdown of each step and where you fit in:

Effective Script Writing

The first step, and the foundation, of the video creation process is script writing. ProAppVideo will write your perfect script based on exploring your app and using a proven formula to keep viewers engaged and focused.

The most effective video scripts include:

A short catchy intro that captures attention and answers the main question or problem that your app solves
A seamless product walkthrough that shows the main features and benefits in a logical order to visually connect the idea with the actual app interface
A smooth transition to recap the most compelling reason to download your app
A very specific call-to-action or closing to prompt a feeling or response

When done well, effective scripts provide the back bone for excellent animations to perfectly complement each other to create an engaging video. Keeping the script under 60 seconds and streamlining the content to only say what's necessary statistically keeps viewers watching all the way through.

Where You Get Involved: Read over our proposed script and possibly add suggestions or edits. Give final approval to finalize the script once it's perfect. (If you don't decide to get a free quote and allow us to earn your business - at least borrow our simplified guide above to create the most effective video possible - All App Explainer Video's are not created equal... Intentional, focused scripts are one of the biggest reasons why.)

Professional Voice-over Recording

Great sound is so often overlooked when considering video. This is a huge mistake and is another glaring difference between high quality and an amateur production.

Consider this: almost anyone is willing to watch a tv show that is a little shaky or fuzzy - but honestly tell me you'd be willing to watch a crystal clear picture but hear popping or fuzz or see lips that are out of sync for more than 30 seconds. Good quality audio is crucial. It's the special sauce that no one notices until it's missing.

We take this to heart. After the script is finalized, we select the perfect voice from our high-end voice-over talent here at ProAppVideo. Not only is the sound quality superior but the tone and inflection is intentional for a "commercial" to sell your app to every viewer watching.

Where You Get Involved:

Add insight into gender or tone if you have a strong feeling. Otherwise let us match the perfect voice with your app.

Background Music

Your app is the starting point for the look and feel. Next, the tone of the script followed by the feel of the voice-over artist - all cohesively added one layer at a time to intentionally stay on brand and focused on your message.

The last audio component stacked on top, that arguably adds one of the biggest tones, is the background music. The perfect audio track can make a video feel happy, or bumpy, or trustworthy, or intense, expensive, silly... get the point?

Our editors work with a library of music and spend as long as it takes finding a great match for your video. Once in place, it's easy to edit with the accurate animations because the tone is so strong already. This attention to detail at each step is very intentional and is directly responsible for not just our high-quality animations, but more importantly the effectiveness to convey the right message.

Where You Get Involved:

We are great at this part. Sit back and we will handle this step on our own. Once you preview the video if you have any comments about the background audio we can talk about speeding it up, slowing down or changing it out all together.

Graphic Design

Apps look great where they're designed to shine, BUT the aspect ratio of a phone in portrait compared to a video in landscape creates some layout challenges when showcasing an app in an explainer video.

ProAppVideo puts each video together with the assets you provide and screenshots of your app itself. In every case, to show features clearly and without confusion, design tweaks are required. To understand this fully, watch any ProAppVideo Explainer Video and compare it to a YouTube search of other app video walkthroughs. Notice how there is too much on the screen and more importantly how the content is way too small?

To provide a video that that is easy to watch and understand, several app images and screens need touched up or altered slightly. Don't worry, our priority is to maintain the integrity and look of your app. Retouching the assets just allows things to slide right into place or draw focus to just the right thing at the right time.

This is just another example of the attention to detail required to make a more engaging, enjoyable viewing experience. Depending on each unique app, the amount of time involved with making sure every asset is ready to be on screen varies, but no matter what's involved, it's all included in one flat fee.

Where You Get Involved:

You're totally off the hook for this one! We'll take care of making things look as good as possible.

Animation Editing

The ground work until this point has been very focused and crucial to a successful video. It's unfair to give so much credit to the editors themselves. Although very talented, without the intentional structure up to this point, their jobs would be impossible.

The editor will download and play with your app, look over all the assets provided, and create a visual timeline that matches the script. Each frame is edited to show off your app in the most understandable, clean, and effective way. This allows our videos to say exactly what should be said with maximum effectiveness.

Editing takes the most time. Every frame of video has to be accounted for. Our creative team works together to make every section shine. They often pour over short sections for days to make things look just right.

The philosophy we live by in the editing department goes something like this - "We've finished a video once we've made the editing fall away to leave only the message in it's purest form". It's very easy to be so flashy it's cheesy - it's must harder (and equally more effective) to edit so seamlessly that all you see is the message and the app.

Where You Get Involved:

Again, sit back and relax. We do all the heavy lifting here. You'll get to add your two cents in the next step to make sure we're on track.

Unlimited Revisions

This is a big deal. So much so that we have an entire article dedicated to why unlimited revisions is so important - check it out here.

Basically, you have the opportunity to critique and suggest edits, and we'll talk through each and every idea together and make as many editing changes as necessary until your video is perfect. This comes with no limit and no additional fees of any kind!

Where You Get Involved:

Once we are done with the video. You'll get a preview link to watch your App Explainer Video. Pour over every detail and let us know what you would like to see differently or sign off and take delivery of your finished ProAppVideo.

It's important to mention this full service plan comes with a 100% money back guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We are proud of our service and are reminded of what we are doing right when our customers share their kind words.

If you have any questions or want more information on experiencing this service for yourself, please get in touch