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At ProAppVideo, we only do one thing and we do it very well. We have the attitude, knowledge and experience to make the highest quality App Explainer Videos with the best customer experience possible.

Because our service is authentic, offering a guarantee is simply the easiest way to connect with new customers to show we deserve their trust and they can have confidence knowing there's no risk.

We've created a very strait forward, easy to understand process to provide complete peace of mind through our 100% Money Back Guarantee and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We have never had an unhappy customer

Our guarantee works like this:

Committing to use the ProAppVideo service to create your App Explainer Video requires making a deposit to secure your place in line and to get the process started. After your deposit is received we start to secure assets, take in-depth screen shots and recordings of your app, and begin our script writing sessions.

We'll continue the process by sending you our first draft of your video script. You can review it, suggest edits and revisions and we will be happy to go back and forth until you decide the script is perfect.

If at any time - for any reason - you decide you don't want to continue the process with us before you approve the final script, you can simply ask for a full refund. This means that you can get started with us and get all the way through the script phase and still cancel and get every penny back.

Once you decide to approve the script your deposit is locked in and your money back guarantee turns into a satisfaction guarantee. This means we have moved far enough into the project and you have a good understanding of what to expect with your script finished that you won't be entitled to asking for your money as we will begin to allocate most of those funds into the next steps. BUT with included unlimited revisions you are still promised to get your perfect video. We will continue to make revisions at no extra cost.

Our satisfaction guarantee carries through all the way until your final video is delivered. We will offer our experience for what makes the most effective App Explainer Video, then work with your suggestions and edits to make revisions until your video is the perfect representation of your app.

To Recap:

There's no risk to get started
Your money is fully refundable until you decide to approve your final script
After you approve your script, your satisfaction is still guaranteed with unlimited revisions

If you are in need of an App Explainer Video to increase downloads, educate users and help market your app, ProAppVideo offers the no risk, money back option that makes it easy to get started on the path to the highest quality, most effective option available (see our work).

If you have any questions about our guarantees or want more information about ProAppVideo, please get in touch. We would love the opportunity to earn your business: