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With video as a growing trend, and proof that video can help educate viewers on app features better than just screenshots - Apple introduced the ability to add video directly to your app store page... The catch: You can't upload just any video.

Apple has a very specific list of requirements that will get your video rejected if it's not just right. For this reason we created and offer the App Preview Video - the Apple App Store video preview that guarantees your 100% satisfaction while also guaranteeing Apple approval.

You can tackle this video yourself. We'd even be happy to give you some pointers and help you better understand Apple's rules. In the end, Apple can reject your video for dozens of reasons including, at their own discretion, just not looking professional enough.

Worse than wasting time and energy to be rejected - getting accepted with a video that doesn't look professional. This is the worst time to make a bad impression! It would be better in this case to not have a video at all.

At ProAppVideo, your App Preview Video demonstrates the features, functionality, and user interface of your app in a short video created by pushing the envelope on creativity but following along with every one of Apple's rules.

This video is between 15 and 30 seconds long and appears in all countries or regions where your app is available.

Because of what Apple requires and specifically won't allow, App Preview Videos are slightly less exciting (compared to an App Explainer Video) but offer a more specific look at what your app offers and the chance to make a professional statement for the credibility of your app.

Basically, you would probably rather show an Explainer Video in every other situation but because Apple sets the rules for their store - creating an App Preview Video is necessary because it's the only video type permitted on Apple's direct site.

For a better understanding - here’s an example of an App Preview and an App Explainer for the same app (check out the similarities and differences).
App Preview Sample:

Edited to be displayed in portrait mode on an Apple device. Similar to an instructional video.

App Explainer Sample:

Formatted to play on any device (phone, computer, TV, etc.). Similar to a commercial. Excellent for any marketing or user education efforts.


Apple App Preview Videos are displayed and viewed right in the App Store on your potential new user's device right before downloading. Remember: Apple recommends this video to help you stand out and encourage downloads!

Because this video plays full screen on an iPhone, Apple requires multiple video sizes to match every phone size. ProAppVideo is very familiar with all of Apple's guidelines and restrictions - we provide each aspect ratio needed and step-by-step instructions to upload your preview to the App Store.

For App Previews, ProAppVideo offers the same full service and hassle-free experience that's included in every App Explainer Video.

Specific to App Previews, here's what else ProAppVideo does:

  • Storyboarding and script writing to effectively capture the essence of your app
  • Deliver multiple correct sizes (aspect ratios) to showcase your video on any iPhone model
  • Correct file formats for Apple acceptance and highest quality video
  • Use appropriate, acceptable gestures to show your app in motion
  • Use the perfect amount of support text with the correct timing to give a more complete picture of your app while still being approved by Apple
  • High quality, continuous music tracks for a professional feel and sound effects that help tell your story with sound
  • A final product that looks very professional (a requirement for Apple approval) that will show the heart of your app in a clean, clear way that will convey the actual usability of your app to create more active users once your app is downloaded
  • 100% Guarantee that Apple will approve your App Preview We will push the envelope with creativity but stay within the many guidelines required by Apple. If your video gets rejected - we will rework the videos in every format based on the rejection notes provided until they are approved

Things to consider:

1: If you are even mildly interested in having a successful app in the Apple App Store, you MUST have a video in place to get more eyes on your app, faster downloads, and more ideal users.

2: If you don't make a high quality video, Apple will not approve it. And if it meets the complicated technical requirements but doesn't make your app look professional, it will hurt more than not having a video at all.

if you have questions about technical requirements while attempting to make your own App Preview Video for the App Store - we would be happy to point you in the right direction or answer any questions (don't worry, we won't try to pressure you into buying our service). Just shoot us an email: