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We get a lot of calls and questions each day at ProAppVideo. And although every app needs a video to get the word out, one common question we get is: What's the difference between an App Explainer Video and an App Preview Video?

To put it as simply as possible, an App Explainer Video can and should be used anywhere and everywhere (social media, YouTube, websites, Google Play, email campaigns, etc.). App Previews, on the other hand, are ONLY for the Apple App Store.

First, let's take a look at App Explainers.

An App Explainer Video is a high quality animated movie that introduces an app, educates users (and prospective new users) on how features work and increases downloads and app installs. It shows how your app works!

An app explainer uses animations and graphics to keep viewers engaged combined with up-close and personal shots of your app in action to create an effective app marketing commercial.

You can post your App Explainer Video anywhere your users (and potential users) live. This video will be landscape (1280x720) and will display perfectly on any device.

And although this video can be any length, an App Explainer Video is most effective when kept to 60 seconds or less. (It's also important to note that some social media sites restrict videos to 60 seconds).

See what our customers are saying and check out some of ProAppVideo's App Explainer samples.

You can find a lot more info about App Explainers here.

Now let's hop over to App Previews.

You might be asking: Can't I just repurpose my App Explainer Video and use it in Apple's App Store? (and you can thank Apple for that), but there's very good reason for this.

While this is no surprise to most app creators, Apple imposes very strict guidelines on what gets approved in the App Store - and this extends to App Previews. Apple restricts not only the length of the App Preview video, but also it's size (aspect ratio) and content (animations, text, transitions, touch points, music, voice-over).

Moreover, Apple explicitly states that the App Preview must look "professional" in order to get approved. Of course there aren't any metrics for what "professional" looks like, but if Apple can tell that you didn't take your App Preview too seriously, they can (and likely will) reject it.

Apple allows you to include up to three App Previews on your app’s page, and localize them for all available App Store languages.

Because this video plays full screen on an iPhone, Apple requires multiple video sizes to match every phone size. ProAppVideo is very familiar with all of Apple’s guidelines and restrictions – we provide everything you need and step-by-step instructions to upload your preview to the App Store.

One of the best parts about ProAppVideo App Previews - we offer a 100% Guarantee that Apple will approve your App Preview.

We will push the envelope with creativity but stay within the many guidelines required by Apple. If your video gets rejected – we will rework the videos in every format based on the rejection notes provided until they are approved.

It's important to remember that Apple recommends this video to help you stand out and encourage downloads! You can check out more about Apple App Previews here.

App Explainer Videos:
Length: This video can be any length, but ProAppVideo highly recommends that this video be around (or under) 60 seconds for maximum effectiveness.
Style: A short, professional marketing commercial. A combination of high quality animations, graphics, and screenshots to show your app in action.
Format: Landscape (1280x720).
Use: This video can go anywhere and everywhere, EXCEPT the Apple App Store. Post this video on social media, YouTube, websites, email campaigns, etc. You CAN post a link to this video in the Google Play Store.

App Preview Videos:
Length: 15 to 30 seconds each (up to 3 videos allowed in the App Store).
Style: Simplistic in style, staying within the app (think "instructional video"). Animations are allowed, but restricted and cannot be distracting. Support text is allowed, but limited. Voice-over and background music are allowed, but must sound crisp and professional.
Format: Portrait - stays within the app. Apple requires multiple video sizes (aspect ratios) to match every phone size.
Use: Only for the Apple App Store - these will be displayed alongside (but right before) your screenshots.

So let's recap App Explainers vs. App Previews:

At ProAppVideo, we take care of absolutely everything for you (script writing, professional voice-over, background music, graphic design, and animations) and we offer unlimited revisions to ensure every video is perfect, whether it's an App Explainer or App Preview (or both). All this is included in one flat price and comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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