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An App Explainer Video is a high quality, animated movie that introduces an app, educates users (and prospective new users) on how features work and increases downloads and app installs.

Your app explainer as the most powerful one-minute marketing tool to get users on the same page - you can explain exactly what your app does, why it should be downloaded and leave a professional impression of your brand that builds instant credibility.

Take a look at these App Explainer Videos to get an even better understanding before we move on:

Video reaches far more people and those people better understand how your app works, get interested faster, use more features the way they were intended and are more likely to become dependent on your app daily.

Whether you're interested primarily in a powerful marketing tool or to educate users about features and app flow - App Explainer Videos are the smartest investment to help meet and exceed your app goals. Not convinced? Consider these 10 reasons why your app needs a ProAppVideo.

The ProAppVideo Flow:

The App Explainer Video is most effective when kept to 60 seconds or less (considering statistics on video trends on the internet and user attention-span). Within this time frame, it's important to carefully construct an ideal flow that incorporates a well thought out story. Even more important - making sure there isn't anything distracting or "extra" to take away from the core goals of the video.

At ProAppVideo, our proven path to effective App Explainer Videos looks something like this:

Intro: Introduce the app (color, logos, audio) and explain or share why this app is unique and important. This intro is direct but not invasive. Remember, nothing "extra" to distract - only what shows off, educates, informs and converts new users!

Product Walk-Through: Next we seamlessly transition from our effective introduction to show the app in action. The most important parts of the app are highlighted and explained in an educational but interesting way to keep users focused throughout.

Recap: Drawing attention to the solution your app provides in a simple, rememberable line or two. This creates an even deeper connection with viewers and solidifies to your ideal user that they just found an app they will love.

Call To Action: In one simple an often overestimated line - we provide the direction to visit a website, download or get started today to leave viewers with all the information necessary and direction on next steps to use your app.

Simplified: First, a catchy intro to capture viewers' attention, then show the most important features and benefits of your app, and close the video with a short recap and clear call to action...all done with professional scripted audio and beautiful matching graphics in just about 60 seconds!

The Best Type Of Video:

There are a lot of different types of explainer videos out there, including white board videos, stop motion videos, animated cartoons, live action videos, etc.

These different types of videos can be appropriate for a lot of businesses with different objectives. However, what's most effective for an App Explainer Video is showing the app in action - your users want to see how your app works!

ProAppVideo has perfected the art of combining high quality animations and graphics (to keep viewers engaged) with up-close and personal shots of your app in action to create the most effective marketing commercial for your app.

Although it's a bold statement, at ProAppVideo we say that our App Explainer Videos can explain your app in one minute even better than you can...and our customers back us up! You can make the call for yourself and check out some more of our work here.

An App Explainer Video is one of the best ways (maybe THE best way) to reach your user audience and promote awareness about your app. Post your videos on social media, Y ouTube, your homepage, email campaigns, and anywhere else your users (and potential users) live.

Remember - App Explainer Videos:

  • Show your users the features and benefits of your app
  • Promote awareness and increases app downloads
  • Establish credibility
  • Grow active users
  • Increase app installs
  • Get your app seen and understood by more people, faster

Our Pitch - Why Choose ProAppVideo:

We know you there are other options available for creating your App Explainer Video. We also truly believe that we are unmatched in quality of service and effectiveness.

At ProAppVideo, we take care of the entire project for you (script writing, professional voice-over, background music, graphic design, and animations) and we offer unlimited revisions to ensure every video is perfect. All this is included in one flat price and comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We would love the opportunity to earn your business. Please consider getting a free, no risk quote where we can talk more about our process in detail and answer any questions you may have.

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