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If you're considering a high quality explainer video to preview your app for increased downloads, educating users or boosting your marketing efforts - consider these 10 reasons why promoting your app with video is almost a requirement now for success in the app world.


Video Is King

Video is everything these days - especially marketing. Well-edited video is more intriguing and easier to consume and is becoming a staple in almost every outlet. If you're a breathing human, you already know this because it's all around you. Notice how many huge brands are promoting, explaining, teaching, and marketing with videos these days.

There simply is not a more effective marketing tool than video.

Here's a quick look at some recent statistics:

- Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users VidYard

- Customers are 400% more interested in watching a video about a product than reading about it Animoto

- The word ‘video’ in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%, click through rates by 65%, and reduces unsubscribes by 26% (

People simply prefer to watch something more than they are willing to read. This is great news because video in many cases (and specifically for app videos) can pack more content with higher quality (for a better understanding) into something people are far more interested in consuming.

Simplified: Video offers better, more focused content to a far more accepting audience.
Takeaway: If you have something to say or show off - do it with video


Stand Out In A Very Big Crowd

Apps are the way of the future and they are in no shortage of demand. App stores add thousands of new apps everyday and as an app creator it's more than important; it's required to stand out in any way possible to share with your target audience just what you've made for them and how to use it.

App Explainer Videos give your app a loud speaker to show off who you are and what you can do.

Statistically, effective App Explainer Videos are 60 seconds or less and follow a specific structure to show off and explain the basics of your app to give viewers the chance to connect. There isn't a more effective way to deliver this information especially when considering user understanding (visually seeing the app while hearing the explanation). Print can't do this 10% as well and word of mouth, although great for trust, doesn't actually show what the app is and who it's for.

Takeaway: A high-quality app video helps you stand out online, in email, on social networks, and in any other marketing outlet to help cut the noise created by the millions of apps out there.


App Stores Don't Just Allow It - It's Recommended

Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store not only allow videos, but encourage app videos in the app stores.

Video explainers increases downloads and help connect better suited users with the correct apps. Furthermore, it's worth considering that this video explainer strategy is backed by not one, but both Apple and Google (who together arguably run the world at this point)!

Your screen shots are nice and your text explanation is well thought out - but clicking a video is easy and more helpful. After a well-orchestrated explanation of your app, what better place to be than one click away from the download button within the actual app store itself!

(* It's important to note that Google allows any video while Apple has much more complicated guidelines (no surprise). At ProAppVideo we offer a separate "Apple App Preview" service that follows all these rules and is guaranteed to pass the Apple approval process.)


Video Says More, Faster and with Better Focus

We make a bold claim at ProAppVideo that our Explainer Video can explain your app even better than you can. We say that to get you to really consider what a video explainer done right can offer.

Effective App Explainer Videos jump right in, illustrate the app flow with graphics, stay on point, complete a perfectly organized message and evoke a viewer to respond with a call to action. All this is done is an atheistically pleasing way that carries the users attention throughout. Compare that to the text description that we know statistically very few ever read all the way through (let alone fully understand).

By the end of an explainer video, there are no questions that haven't been answered and more importantly, no extra content to distract the viewer from not finishing or from focusing on what's most important.

We've heard many times from our customers that their ProAppVideo makes the app look even better than it really is - and that's the job of a high-quality, effective App Explainer.


Find Your Perfect Users to Grow A Stronger User Base

Explaining what your app does and how it works with a video helps increase downloads by people who now know what to expect from your app. This is a big deal. Although any downloads would be a positive thing, having a tool to attract people that would benefit most from your app - therefore becoming power users - allows you to grow a stronger, more solid user base.

The best part about finding your ideal users with video - it's automatic. The detailed explanation helps users know while watching that your app is exactly the sort of thing they need or want and there's nothing else you need to do but make it available as part of your marketing and promotion efforts.


Professional Look That Gives Instant Credibility

We've worked with indie developers and huge multi-national corporations. An interesting take away during this time is that the app ecosystem and store structure gives everyone the same credibility and opportunities at the start. If you build a great quality app, have good design and a well-prepared marketing plan for scaling while promoting and educating users (with a video of course) - the small guy can make the same impact as the company with limitless resources. That's one of the things that makes the app ecosystem awesome!

Now, since everyone is at the same starting point, showing off a very high-end App Explainer Video can give a huge head start in the credibility column. Your app will look more professional on social media and in the app stores which will naturally attract more initial interest than starting out without a video.

It's important to point out here that taking a cost-cutting approach or saving time and having a video explainer made poorly can have the reverse effect. Poorly made or ineffective videos damage your brand's credibility but in a much more severe way.


Traction - App Videos Go Everywhere... And Quickly!

Scroll through your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feed and count the posts that include video in some way. It might be easier to count the posts that aren't video related?

Your App Explainer Video is the only app marketing tool that is ready to go out to the far corners of the earth like nothing else. "Hey, download my app" doesn't do it. A perfectly worded description doesn't get it done (because no one reads much anymore). But an App Explainer Video can be shared socially, put on websites, added to YouTube, posted on relevant blogs, and be found and watched by anyone on almost any device.

Videos are easily shared and statistically shared often. Because the content is designed to be easily digested, viewers watch all the way through and are ready in most cases to download if it's a good fit.


Your App Gets To Show Off It's Full Potential

Video explainers show step-by-step how to use the most important features of your app. Even if the basic idea is easily understood, seeing the app in action in a short, attention-grabbing video preview allows new (and existing) users to jump in and use your app more completely - the way it was designed to be used.

A better understanding of your app helps provide better quality data for future updates because people are using your app as it was intended. Users seeing the app's full potential helps create "power users" and increases "daily active users".


Way More People Will See Your App

We've already discussed that video gets around faster and is more readily accessible. This paired with the fact that people are 4x more likely to watch a video than read about a product proves that far more people will see your app and what it offers by pushing a play button.

Without a video, you're losing all those eyes on your app that just aren't willing to read about it.


Get More App Installs

Probably one of the most important reasons to create an app explainer video - Get More App Downloads! App marketing has evolved. There's so many new opportunities to get the word out to give people the option to download your app. The reality is most of these strategies involve the ability to show off a video. App Explainer Videos are versatile and effective. If you have the ability to show anyone an effective, high-quality App Explainer Video - you've exponentially increased your chances of getting more installs!

Let's Recap:

  • 1: Video Is King!
  • 2: Stand Out In a Very Big Crowd
  • 3: App Stores Don't Just Allow It - It's Recommended
  • 4: Video Says More, Faster and With Better Focus
  • 5: Find Your Perfect Users to Grow a Stronger User Base
  • 6: Professional Look That Gives Instant Credibility
  • 7: Traction - App Videos Go Everywhere... And Quickly!
  • 8: Your App Gets to Show Off It's Full Potential
  • 9: Way More People Will See Your App
  • 10: Get More App Installs

If you're still not convinced that your app needs a video preview, check out some ProAppVideo explainer video samples.

If you're interested in giving ProAppVideo the opportunity to make your App Explainer Video and you want a price quote and some more details, you can Get Started here.